Where have you been????


Hello Everyone,

We Have made the Move, Texas to Idaho, Garon has made the transition to a new job, I’ve rejoined the workforce, and life is Beautiful!
It looks like my life is finally finding some order. I have my keyboard and my computer in hand and I could not be more appreciative. I have truly missed having the capability to take the weight off my feet and do nothing but write. This has in fact become my life and I have missed it so much.
This summer has been completely out of sorts. We moved our family across the country. Well not clear across but about half way across the country. We are now residing in Idaho, Beautiful Idaho. Sunsets, Mountains, Pine trees, Quaking Aspens, Mountain Air, and Rain. Man Life really has changed for our family.
Garon has completely shifted his career, for the better. I have also, returned to the workforce, as a Mortgage Loan Processor. My computer is up and running. Yep it crashed. Therefore, In the process of moving, getting settled, unpacking, jobs, children, activities, it was the last on the agenda to be fixed. I tell you what; I should have had the computer repaired quicker.

Here in Idaho, the one thing that has been the hardest for me to wrap my head around; Is everyone moves at a lot slower pace. I don’t have the hustle of the City. No more rush-hour, people aren’t moving quickly in an out of Starbucks, there isn’t a line for breakfast tacos in the morning. Everyone is just really hassle-free. It’s been tremendous. I have had to learn to gear down, I find myself missing the city life, but at the same time, this lifestyle change is going to be wonderful.
Also, Everything shuts down at night. Garon, I and the Kids were getting ready to go out for Gradyn’s Birthday earlier this month, it was around 8 o’clock. We all were in our fancies and head out. Mind you; it’s Saturday night, no line for dinner, it was actually pretty lifeless. I was shocked. No crowded streets, it was weird for me, I am still running on City Mode. But hey, we didn’t have to wait to eat which was awesome.

Furthermore, writing has become very therapeutic for me. 99% of what I write about pertains to what actually is going on in my life or my head. My blog is my motivation, my sense of self, my way of coping, and staying positive when it comes to everyday life.
I have missed writing dearly. It’s my way of clearing my head. I can organize my thoughts, and make sense of my life. This way, the chaos seems less daunting, because I have taken a moment to write down where I am at in my head.
I feel like writing is so important. We all really need to take the time to make sense of our lives. Clear out the cobwebs, throw out the trash, organize our brains and get ready to conquer the next day, the next week, month and year.
I say this in almost every single post, Life is beautiful, it truly is and a lot of the time we take for granted the life that we have. We are always wanting and waiting for the bigger better tomorrow. When we should be focusing on how can we make sure that right now is the bigger better now? This is often something that gets overlooked by everyone on a daily basis. Right NOW is the bigger, better now. Never lose sight of the NOW. Someday soon, you won’t have any more now to look forward to. Tomorrow is always upon us, as well as today, and yesterday. Yesterday will not come again and Tomorrow will never be here. If you think about it, we truly only have the now.
So I guess you could say that this is my advice to myself today. I need to take in these beautiful, precious moments and cherish every aspect of today.
Life may not seem perfect at this point in time, and that is okay. Don’t worry about what it is that you do not have. Only focus on the wonderful things in your life that you do have. Know that when you focus more on the things in the life that you love, you will then have more in your life that you love. The things that aren’t serving you or the things that you don’t like about life will go away.
When you focus on the lack thereof, you will only attract more lack in life. So shift your thoughts and your eyes. Look at all the beauty in the world and know that you are capable of having all the most beautiful things in your life, if you choose to see life for all of its beauty.
I hope that you are all having a fantastic August. I see that a lot of kiddos are headed off to school this week. I hope you are all enjoying this new fantastic chapter in your life.
Jamie Stimpson