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Faith What is faith? and what does having faith, do to our lives? Why do we need to believe, that there is more that what meets the eye? Why do we need, to have this sense that we belong to something so much greater, than what we actually are? Well, for me faith is a

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Afraid of Letting Others Down

I am afraid of letting other people down. I know what it is that I want to do with my life. I know what course I want to take, but at the same time I am frightened to pursue my dreams and what it is that I want, because I am afraid of hurting other people, letting them down and I am also afraid of the criticism and judgment that could possibly follow my decision.


I am so excited about this!! I love makeup and I love mineral makeup. I love the light texture and quality finish and I am so excited to share with all of you LA Minerals. If you are a lover of mineral makeup as I am then LA Minerals is a must for you. Makeup Product review, will be uploaded to Youtube soon. But here you go. Just as I have said before I am very lucky and I have been contacted by LA Minerals to promote their line of products. By doing so I am going to be able to let all of you beautiful ladies know when the newest products are out plus receive amazing discounts on products. Who doesn’t love this? SALE Starts Today, Ends SOON!

I have been give a great opportunity to share with all of you when there are going to be major sales or discounted pricing on I love this site, the first time I ever purchased anything off of there was for Dylan’s Birthday in 2010 he wanted a new pair of heelys, and on

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My Story

Welcome to my story, It gives me great anxiety posting this. July 31, 2012 was the day that my whole world finally came crashing down around me. I was a mess physically and mentally, I had checked out of my life. I don’t remember much of that summer,  let alone the first half of the

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Personal Thoughts

  Welcome to my Personal Thoughts. Today I am struggling with a topic to write about. So I decided to write about what I am thinking about. I want to make sure that my writing is improving daily, and the only way I can do that is if I am writing. So here you go.

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BOOK REVIEW: Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It

This is the first book that we checked out using Amazon Prime, I am really excited about this feature. I wish that it would allow you to check out more than one book a month, I am hoping that Amazon will see that there is a bigger need for this. I at least think they

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Procastionation is a Dream KILLER

Procrastination is  a dream killer. Everyday we wake up thinking that we have all the time in the world to do whatever it is that we wish to accomplish, when in reality, the only time that we have is the time that we have in this very instant. Nothing else exists, we cannot go back in

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